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Custom Fitting Services


Golf is a game of confidence.

You build confidence with a drive that lands on fairways, greens hit in regulation, and with every putt that rolls where you want it to. At Golf Galaxy, we know golf requires practice and fine-tuning. That's why we're here.

We believe golf fitting is the first step towards improvement. That's why we offer golf club fitting services in all of our stores. Stop in to your nearest Golf Galaxy location for club fitting and services that are designed to enhance your performance. Our PGA and LPGA professionals are ready to assist you, and our custom golf club fitting is a key part of honing your game.

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Custom Fitting Services


Driver Fitting

Longer, straighter drives. They can come from your swing. »Learn More

Ball Fitting

A golf ball can do more than impress your friends. The right one lowers your score. »See how

Putter Fitting

It’s a 5-step process to lower your handicap. »See immediate results

Iron Fitting

Your swing is unique. Clubs that fit your swing get better results. »Learn how

Hybrid/Irons Gap Analysis

You only get 14 clubs. Put the right ones in your bag. »See how

Wedge Gap Analysis

No more choke downs or half swings from 85 yards. »Improve your short game

Shaft Fitting/Analysis

Shafts do so much more than connect grips and club heads. »Learn More

Grip Fitting/Analysis

A consistent swing starts with your hands. »Get consistent