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Golf Balls



Golf Balls to Optimize Your Performance

Golf balls are the first step to lowering your score.

Discover a wide range of golf balls engineered to help you improve your game. Find Tour-proven balls specially created to maximize your swing speed while offering technologies like increased distance, spin control, greater accuracy, straighter flight and higher launch. Ladies, consider specially made women's golf balls, which are generally two-piece, Surlyn-covered balls that result in longer distances.

Personalized golf balls are a popular option. Add a monogram, name, favorite saying or inside joke to your favorite brand to create your very own custom golf balls. They also make great golf gifts.

Reflect on the last few rounds you played. Your prevailing issues should impact your choice of golf balls. If you're looking for more distance and less movement on the ball, consider 2-piece balls with features like "maximum distance" and "low spin." Select a 3-piece ball or more if you want the ball to curve more and stop faster on the greens. If you need a softer feel and higher spin rates, choose 4-piece, 5-piece and 6-piece constructed balls. Higher swing speeds benefit from the additional layers.

Know the material of your golf ball cover. A surlyn cover is the most durable. A urethane cover is much softer, and offers a softer feel and greater control. Ionomer covers are similar to urethane, but harder, resulting in great distance with less greenside spin ability. Produce speed and get greater touch around the green with the exceptionally soft, yet durable, iothane covers. Softer than surlyn, get greater feel and control with urethane covers.

Look for the ball with the right compression. Harder golf balls with a 90 or more compression create less spin off the tee, providing further distance. Softer balls with a 70-80 compression offer more spin with low irons and wedges, delivering better stopping abilities on the green.

Review our Golf Ball Comparison Chart to help you determine the best golf balls for your game.